The enterprise was founded in 1973. Since the foundation, the plant became one of the largest and most progressive manufacturers in USSR. There were all necessary preconditions for this – the newest technologies, elaborated in the leading institutes of the country, considerable financing and the most important – a great desire of the working staff to master and develop the most advanced methods of work.

Today JSC “Hemoplast” is the leading manufacturer of sterile medical products in Ukraine and CIS. Single-use syringes and sets for transfusion of blood and solutions – are the main products manufactured by the plant. Besides that - catheters, probes, medical-laboratory products, as well as wide range of consumer goods made of plastic.

Our main products, syringes and infusion & transfusion sets, have CE mark. Our products are certified, registered and sold in Russia, Republic of Byelorussia, Republic of Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia.

Such significant successes have been achieved through progressive methods of management.

The huge funds were invested into modernization of production and technical re-equipment.

The most important thing, which was achieved – change of the approach of the personnel to responsibility for quality. Framework of JSC “Hemoplast” policy – management of quality. To do this, there were determined the key processes, and management of their course, coordination and effective interaction between them became the basis of the quality management system. They are - administrative and financial management, recruitment, training and placing of personnel, control of the entire cycle of production, service to sales, marketing research, relationships with partners, etc.

As result, at JSC “Hemoplast” there was created the Quality Management System of medical products, conforming with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2008, it is certified by international audit company “SGS”.

In 2005, JSC “Hemoplast” was certified for compliance with the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 and Directive 93/42/ЕЕС, which gave the right to mark the products with CE mark.

The enterprise is the possessor of the numerous awards of national significance, and single use syringes and sets for transfusion of blood and solutions were recognized as prize-winner of the quality competition “The Best 100 Goods of Ukraine”

We are well aware that fast development of modern medical science and public health sets our enterprise new tasks (challenges). Today we not only see our goals, but also know how to achieve them.

We look at the future (ahead) with optimism!